OTO CyClone CN-1000

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    • FIRST IN THE MARKET INNOVATION - The New OTO Cyclone is a revolutionary product in the fitness industry, that enables you to burn off twice the fats and calories in a single workout.
    • TRIPLE EXERCISE EFFECTS - Enable full body exercise with double the effectiveness than any other exercise machines.
    • DOUBLE THE BURN OFF - Doubles the speed of fat & calories burned. 8 minutes workout, burns up to 200 calories.
    • ENHANCES MIND & BODY COORDINATION - This helps to prevents onset of Early Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other age-related cognitive decline. With consistent coordination training, users will be able to improve their speed, power, endurance, and balance. It also enhances multitasking capabilities, overall agility, reaction time, mental clarity, focus and concentration-increasing the speed at which the brain processes information and signals from the body.
    • EASY 3-STEP SET-UP - To kickstart your fitness journey.
    • FOLDABLE & MOVABLE - By castor wheels for ease of use & storage.
    • HIGH MOBILITY - Move the machine around to your preferred location easily. This helps to eliminate space & product size constraint issues enabling more exercise venue options.
    • COMPACT & SPACE-SAVING - Easily store it when not in use.
    • CYCLING FUNCTION - Cycling is a top-notch cardio workout, burning about 400 calories an hour. It is a healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages, strengthening lower body, including legs, hips, and glutes.
    • ROWING FUNCTION - Rowing is an excellent form of aerobic exercise. It elevates heart rate and breathing, thereby enhancing circulation and bolstering the cardiovascular system. It presents a low-impact, high-intensity cardio regimen that engages the entire body, fostering strength, power, and endurance.
    • LIFTING FUNCTION - Strength training: Get stronger, leaner, healthier. Strength training can help you manage or lose weight, and it can increase your metabolism to help you burn more calories. Building muscle also can contribute to better balance, protect your joints from injury & may reduce your risk of falls. This can help you maintain independence as you age.
    • SIT-UP FUNCTION - Sit-ups train your abdominal muscles to engage for extended periods of time, contract against resistance, and lift weight. It is primarily an exercise for muscular endurance that helps enhances your stability and support.
    • PULLING FUNCTION - Pulling exercises strengthen many of the muscles responsible for good posture, mobility, strength, and flexibility.
    • CYCLING & ROWING FUNCTION - Cycling & Rowing increases your heart rate, burns fat, build muscles, and improves your cardiovascular fitness. A full-body workout targets multiple muscle groups across your lower and upper body. In fact, it uses 86% of your muscles across your legs, core, and arms!
    • ADJUSTABLE TRAINING INTENSITY - Training intensity can also be adjusted to suit different ages, genders and fitness levels! Fitted with various adjustment features to fit users of different physique and fitness levels.
    • HANDLE POST ADJUSTMENT - 3 handle post angles to suit different body’s heights (max 1.9m) Step on the handle-release to select 1 of the 3 angles The taller the user, the bigger the handle post angle.
    • CYCLING PREPARATION | 1. Select handle post’s height (7 levels) | 2. Select handle post angle (76°, 9 6°, 111°) according to body’s height | 3. Adjust seat position accordingly before locking | 4. Step on both pedals to start cycling | 5. Select from 8 levels of magnetic resistance by turning the knob | 6. Check performance on the multi-function monitor
    • ROWING PREPARATION | 1. Unlock seat | 2. Select handle post angle (76°, 9 6°, 111°) according to one’s height | 3. Put down step support | 4. Hold on to the handles | 5. Pull handles & lean backwards for a better effect
    • KEY COMPONENTS - A device holder is also available to enable users to be entertained or even attend zoom meetings while exercising.
    • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - Tension rope with max 20kg of tension force. Works on 80% of the body muscles. High fat-burning cardio and flexibility exercise.
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lifetime warranty on structure. Guaranteed to have no breakage on product’s structure.

    • Data monitor: Capture time, calorie, speedometer, distance & speed
    • Seat roller: POM low-noise & wear-resistant rollers
    • Product Width: 500mm
    • Product Length (expanded): 1600mm (collapsed- 800mm)
    • Product Height (extended): 1100mm (retracted- 900mm)
    • Product Size (folded): 800*500*900mm
    • Product Size (expanded):1600*500*900~1100mm
    • Floor to Seat Height: 510-550mm (ascending)
    • Cycle Crank Length: 280mm (11 inches)
    • Sliding Distance: 490mm

    • Body frame: Q235 Hi-frequency welded tube
    • Surface treatment: Electrostatic powder coating
    • Plastic parts: Mostly ABS
    • Seat cushion: PU integral foam
    • Seat lock: Lever with soft rubber seal
    • Foldable step support: Hi-power aluminum alloy
    • Pedal: Large weighted pedal
    • Pulley: Reinforced nylon
    • Tension rope: Latex
    • Selectable handle post height: 210 mm in 7 levels
    • Selectable handle post angles: 3 angles @ 76°, 96°, 111°
    • Cycling method: Belt driven
    • Cycling control system: Magnetic flying wheel with neodymium
    • Front stabilizer: 12mm adjustable wobbler Mobility: Front & back castor wheels

    • Model Name: OTO Cyclone
    • Model No: CN-1000
    • Net Product Weight: 32.5kg
    • Gross Product Weight: 37.5kg
    • Flywheel Weight: 3kg, 300mm
    • Magnetic resistance: 8 levels max 250W @ 80 rpm
    • Torque force (Nm): Max 4 kg @ 80 rpm
    • Tension force: Max 20 kg
    • Product safety: EU Class HC standard
    • Maximum User’s Weight: 120kg
    • Max User’s Height: 1.9m
    • Maximum Structure Tolerance: 278kg
    • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on the structure
    • Warranty: 1 Year

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